Believe it or not, 613 blonde wig is considered to be one of the best Brazilian wigs found in the blonde shade! Indeed, wearing a blonde wig is not everyone’s cup of tea since it requires more care than any other shade of wigs. However, with some useful tips, you can get your new exceptional hairstyle.

As with other light-colored wigs, hair products must be wisely chosen for blonde wigs. Things containing colors may change the shade of your wig if used for a longer period. Here are some useful tips for wearing a blonde shade wig:

Important Tips for You Wearing a Blonde Wig

Do Not Use Thick Hair Products

Your blonde hair wig is delicate than different wigs. Utilizing thick products will make the unit matte and give a slick appearance. The oilier the strands are, the more unappealing they will look. Choose your hairsprays, serums, and mousse very keenly and stray away from substantial gels, hair cream, and hair thick hair moisturizer.

Avoid Excessive Ironing

Heat may cause great harm to your wigs especially if it is blonde shade. Unnecessarily styling like straightening and curling requires a great amount of heat for a longer time. Your smartest option is to utilize your irons in the least setting. Another strategy you can pick is wrapping it with bobby pins to keep a straight look. Also, a simple wavy style can be made with flexible bands. An excessive amount of hotness will leave the hair dry and fragile.

Wear a Wig Cap

Using a cap under a wig is desirable because it flattens the surface of the head making it easier to carry.

Avoid Sun!

Overexposure to the sun isn’t simply harming human skin however but also to our hairs. These UV beams can dry out the strands and transform your fair wig into a bold shade of orange. Also, it makes hair brittle losing texture and shine. You should buy a UV/heat protectant serum for your wig. You can rub the serum all through it, before going out, and it can guarantee that your light hair doesn’t change tones so quickly.

Consider Lightening Your Brows

You won’t believe it but changing the color of your eyebrows is important if you want to wear a blonde-shaded wig. A dark eyebrow, specifically dark brown or black looks are awful with blond hair. And most definitely, people may notice the difference immediately.

Change the Shade of Your Makeup

What a great many people will generally neglect is changing their hair tone might mean they might need to change around cosmetics as well as clothes. Some of the time hair goes best with a lighter tone of cosmetics. Going for the regular look will cause your blonde wig to stand apart more than needed and will show up exceptionally phony.

To Sum-up!

As already said, a Blonde hair wig is not for everyone! One must be sure about the dress and makeover that compliments the color of their wig. But if you are determined to carry your new hairstyle and want to impress people with a sparkling personality then a blonde hair wig can be the best choice.


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