Kitchen appliances are the biggest necessity of your house, without which, your kitchen may not function properly. It demands a large investment of your money and time, as it ensures the optimum functioning of your kitchen. There are different categories of kitchen appliances and you need to decide whether to choose from this category or that. The two major categories of kitchen appliances are:

  • Large kitchen appliances
  • Small space kitchen appliances

Large kitchen appliances:

This category of kitchen appliances occupies a large amount of space. You must know the layout of your kitchen before buying any large kitchen appliance. Large kitchen appliances include stove, oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, range, freezer, air conditioner water dispenser, etc.

Small space kitchen appliances:

This category of kitchen appliances includes an electric kettle, toaster, blender, juicer, grinder, hand mixer, and a lot more. They occupy little space on your kitchen counter and make cooking faster and more convenient.

Size of the appliance:

A refrigerator is one of the large kitchen appliances. It comes in different varieties from single-door refrigerators to double-door refrigerators. But you should choose the fridge that can fit in your kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, then a single-door fridge can be a good option for you. Whereas, a big family with a large kitchen demands a double-door fridge that can preserve large amounts of food.

Establish a budget:

Before buying any kitchen appliance, you should establish a budget. You can ask your retailer to help you choose an appliance with your desired features within your budget. You should never prioritize aesthetics over your budget.

Choose a good retailer:

You should choose your retailer wisely. Good retailers are familiar with the unique features of all the products across different brands. They will choose an appliance that fulfills your needs without exceeding your budget. They can also help you with the complex installation process according to your kitchen layout. If a retailer is trying to make you buy an appliance that exceeds your budget limit, change him.

What are the drawbacks of large kitchen appliances?

Large kitchen appliances add speed and comfort to our daily kitchen activities but they also have some drawbacks.

  • They occupy a large space in your kitchen.
  • They consume a large amount of electricity, gas, or water that will raise your utility bills.
  • Large appliances like air conditioners emit harmful radiation.


There are other categories of kitchen appliances as well. For instance, the appliances that are involved in food production, food storage, and maintenance of the kitchen. Refrigerators preserve the food by keeping it at a low temperature. Deep freezers are also used to freeze the food for long periods. Other appliances, like stove, oven, toaster, and sandwich maker are used to cook all kinds of food items. Some appliances are also involved in the maintenance of the kitchen. A dishwasher is a convenient kitchen appliance that is used to wash dishes automatically. Exhaust fans are also installed in the kitchen to pull the smoke and extra moisture out of the kitchen. Some people also install air conditioners in the kitchen to cool down the hot environment. If you want to replace the old appliances, you can choose from any of these categories of kitchen appliances.


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