When buying a pressure washer, you consider different terms such as power source, maintenance costs, upfront costs, specifications, and other terms. The same thing also requires consideration of the nature of water. The temperature of water defines the effectiveness of cleaning through your hot water pressure washer. If you have to remove tough stains then hot water would be best but if you want to remove dirt then cold water can work very well. However, if you are still confused about these two then this blog can prove to be a real piece of help for you. Continue reading to know the difference between hot water and cold water usage in your pressure washer.

Hot Water Cleaning

Hot water cleaning has a higher capability of removing dirt and grime that is stuck on the surface for a long period of time. However, the biggest disadvantage is that the hot cleaning procedures have very high upfront costs. The reason why people prefer hot water cleaning pressure washers is that they don’t let you waste your investment rather these are quite cost-effective options. They reduce the time of cleaning and save your time so that you can do other activities as well. They can remove tough stains within seconds and quicker than traditional ways or cold water cleaning procedures. Hot water cleaning procedures have their most applications in the industrial sector that help to clean efficiently and Quickly according to the regulations of the government.

Cold Water Cleaning

When you are using your pressure washer with cold water then you may need heavy detergents to clean tough stains from the surface. This is the strongest disadvantage of cold water washing through your pressure washer. On the other hand, cold water cleaning has amazingly low maintenance costs, upfront costs, and running costs. Pressure washers that can easily use cold water cleaning, have higher mobility levels. The reason why cold water pressure washers are common is that they cost you very low for their maintenance. Another thing to consider is that you have to put very low effort when you are cleaning through a cold water pressure washer. If you are planning to remove hard stains, oil, and grime on the targeted surface then the cold water cleaning will never work effectively in this case. You have to go for two options. Either you make use of heavy detergents or you go for hot water cleaning procedures.


Keeping in mind the above-mentioned two procedures for cleaning through pressure washer systems, you can choose the one for yourself so that you can save your time as well as money. According to experts, hot water cleaning procedures are much more effective and hygienic as compared to cold water cleaning procedures that cost you your time as well as money in buying heavy detergents. With a hot water cleaning pressure washer, you don’t need to spend a lot of money and wait for the surface to get cleared.


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