All over the wig industry, the ginger wig is slowly becoming the order of the day. The color of these wigs is enough reason to get admired to the wig quickly. But the best thing about a ginger wig is how it speaks well in many circumstances. At work, your ginger wig keeps you different at a party; it makes you stand out. That’s why when people buy ginger wigs, they tend to overwear the wig.

If you want to wear your ginger wig for long, you must know how to maintain it properly. Not only should you maintain it, but you must also know how to keep it beautiful through its lifespan. One of the best ways to keep your wig fresh and lovely is through steaming the wig. This process is easy when you have the right tools and very effective in keeping the beauty of your wig.

Most times, when you want to steam a wig, you will need a steamer. Given the amount of money, you invested in purchasing the wig itself, buying a Steamer may not be the following line of action. Luckily, to steam your favorite wig, you don’t exactly need a Steamer. All you need is the regular materials at home, and continue reading this article as we explain how to steam your wig without a Steamer.

First step: Get Materials Ready

While you may not need the manual steamer, you will need some equipment to steam your wig. For the purpose of this article, we are focusing on steaming your wig with boiling water. Therefore you’ll need hair rollers, a comb, bowl, boiling water, and of course, the wig.

Roll and Style Your Wig

When you steam your wig, it’s going to retain the style on the hair for a long while. Therefore one of the initial steps to take is to style your wig before you start steaming. To type, you will need the roller and the comb. With the comb, you can make and align the styles you want in different sections. When you get a section right, remember to roll that section immediately. Using a roller may not hold the style you made in place, so you may want to use a pin to keep it held down. You can use either the wig on your hair or the hair of a dummy.

Boil Water to Right Level

You want to steam the wig with hot water and not rinse the wig with hot water. Therefore, you can set your heater to heat the water quickly; you can always reduce the heat to ensure the boiling water is boiling gently.

Steam The Wig

When you have the boiling water at a suitable level, you can hold the wig over it to steam it. Again, you have to take this steaming process section by section. The steam coming from the water is enough to steam the hair right, but at the same time, it’s enough to burn your hands. We’ll strongly advise that you use a wig stand when steaming with hot water.


Steaming your ginger wig with a steamer may be the most comfortable option, but it isn’t the only option. With the information in this guide above, you will learn how to steam your wig with hot water.


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