Slowly and steadily, wigs are becoming part of our everyday lives as women. The wig industry is blowing up with different brands, styles, colors, and wigs with their benefits and features. Amongst all types of wigs, the blonde wig is gaining exponential and global popularity as the seconds go by. 

Because of the color that works with virtually any skin tone, most wigs now offer you a blonde shade of color. For example, the popular lace front wigs are becoming more pronounced with the blonde lace front wig. Considering all the beautiful features and benefits a lace front wig comes with, adding the blonde shade will only have people falling head over heels and breaking the bank to purchase the blonde lace front wig. 

However, purchasing a wig isn’t all there is to buying a wig; maintaining the wig is much more critical. Without proper maintenance, a wig that should last up to a year may not last up to six months. When it comes to maintenance, proper usage and washing the wig are the safest mode of practice. 

First off, a blonde lace front wig isn’t a piece of fabric that you get to wash anyhow. You need to follow a process and use quality hair care products to clean your blonde lace front wig. Let’s discuss a step-by-step guide to washing a blonde lace front wig. 

Do Not Shower With The Wig

There are other wigs you can try to shower with when you want to wash, definitely not a lace front wig. Either as a blonde wig or any other type, lace front wigs are made with fragile materials. When you try a shower wash with the lace front wig, you’ll only tangle and stretch the materials, and the wig will damage sooner than you anticipate. 

Comb Gently

Before you allow water even to touch your wig, ensure that you have combed the wig properly. As much as possible, try to use a comb that has a wide tooth. The wide tooth of the comb will ensure that you can comb properly without any entanglements. If you have a curly blonde lace front wig, you may need your hands to search through the curly section to avoid damage. 

Mix Cold clean water with Shampoo

If you have a bathtub, you can easily use this as your container for the mix. If you don’t, your basin will do, as long as it has enough space for the washing process. Ensure that the water you’re mixing is as clean as possible and the shampoo doesn’t have any sulfate compound in it. After you make the soapy mix, you can immerse the blonde lace front wig in the water and leave it for a range of ten to fifteen minutes.

Wash the Wig Gently

After soaking your blonde wig for a few minutes, you can start to wash it. Again, your washing process should be as smooth and as gentle as possible. You can start the washing process with your hands to ensure it’s mild.  For the lace material at the front, your hands may not exactly do justice. What you can do in this case is to use a soft toothbrush to scrub the front gently. 


If you’ve followed the process described above, then you have properly washed your wig with no issues. After washing, you need to find a way to dry the wig. If you plan to wear the wig soon, you can use a thick towel to dry the wig gently. There’s no need to squeeze or press the blonde wig with force. If you aren’t wearing it so soon, you can dry it under the sun. 


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