Contrary to popular opinion, you can easily find cheap human hair wigs. A lot of people assume that cheap human hair wigs are usually inauthentic. However, this is not always the case. The cost of a human hair wig is usually determined by the type of hair, construction, size, and type of wig cap. Therefore, you can look into these elements when searching for an affordable product. This excerpt guides you on the various types of wig caps.

Types of wig caps

A wig cap, also known as the base or foundation, is the fabric on which the hair strands are sewn. When purchasing a wig, whether it is a cheap or expensive human hair wig, you must consider the type of wig cap. Below are some of the most common types of wig caps;

1. Monofilament wig caps

A monofilament cap is made from a soft lace mesh. The mesh is usually positioned at the front of the wig. Human hair wigs with monofilament caps are usually hand-knotted. This helps them look more natural. However, there are also machine-tied monofilament caps. Kindly also note that these caps are the best on the market because they are more natural-looking. They also have a thinner stretch feature. This means that they can effortlessly adapt to the shape of your head. Additionally, these caps are also quite soft and comfortable. It is also worth mentioning that monofilament caps are ideal for people with sensitive scalps, and they do not pose any danger to your hairline.

2. Wefted wig cap

Also known as a basic or open wig cap, this is a type of machine-made wig cap. As the name suggests, it is usually made through sewing wefts on thin elastic materials. The wefts are, however, disguised to give the wigs a natural look. The disguising is done using a technique called permatease. The technique aims to keep the wefts from being seen at the parts. This type of wig cap is excellent because it features spaces between the wefts. The role of the spaces is to allow for air to freely flor into your scalp. Therefore, wefted wig caps do not suffer from overheating. The wig caps are also affordable and highly durable.

3. Lace front caps

Lace front caps are quite popular. This is because they mimic the natural hair growth look at the front of the hairline. Lace front wig caps are typically made from sheer lace materials. The materials are ideal because they allow the hair to move naturally at the hairline. This means that you get to style them as you wish. They also offer a more natural transition from your forehead to your hairline. More often than not, the lace front caps are usually added to basic or wefted caps. This means that the lace is only found at the front, and the rest of the base features a wefted cap.


When choosing an ideal wig cap for your wig, it would be wise to have the information above. You must also consider the benefits and downsides of each type of wig cap. This way, you can make an informed choice.


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