In the context of knitting and crochet, “chunky” refers to thick yarn that can be used for heavy-weight and large-stitched clothing and other items. You’ll need US10 (6.5mm) knitting needles or USJ or USK (6.5mm) crochet hooks to use it.

The thickest and heaviest yarn weight is available in super-chunky, which is even thicker than chunky weight yarn. Crochet hooks that measure at least 9 millimeters in diameter are commonly used to work with super-chunky yarn. There are a wide variety of materials and textures to choose from when working with chunkier yarns.

What You Can Do With Super Chunky Yarn

If you have no clue how to make use of bulky yarn or super chunky, the following are some suggestions:


Due to the fact that it doesn’t shed or attract dirt, tube yarn is ideal for rugs and bath mats. It’s easy to make an arm knitted rug that is soft on the feet, durable, strong, and, most importantly, machine washable quickly.


Whether you use super soft bulky yarn or tube yarn, blankets of any size can be easily knitted. The only consideration is the amount of yarn required to complete your blanket.

One brand may require six or seven skeins of yarn for a queen-sized bedspread compared to two skeins of another brand.

It’s a good idea to use blankets for babies made of thick, textured yarn because they’re softer and can help an infant develop their sense of touch. Thanks to arm-knitted blankets, you won’t overheat in the middle of the night!


Adding a pillow or cover made from chunky yarn to your home is great for adding color and pattern. Pillow covers with a soft and chunky texture can be achieved using smaller bulky yarns. If you don’t have any or they don’t match, you can make your own.

Arm knitting yarn can make a firm pillow that can be shaped in any way you like. Tubing yarn is a great choice for square and round pillows because it’s soft and cushy while still long-lasting.


The better the yarn keeps you warm, the chunkier, the better. Bulkier materials are ideal for hats, scarves, and afghans. Knitting or crocheting a pair of bootie slippers is the same. Using chunky yarn to keep your feet warm and toasty in the winter is a great idea.

As a bonus, thicker yarn will keep your feet warm and cozy while making it easy to get them on and off.

Beds for Your Furry Friends

An ideal fabric for a pet’s bed is a sturdy tube yarn, which is both soft and durable. You can knit a circle of yarn for the bed’s foundation and then add walls of any height you like. Inside, your pet will be able to curl up and feel secure.

Besides being an excellent material for retaining shape, it will not overheat your pet, it will be comfortable, and it will not turn into a nest of flyaway fur.

If you find this article helpful, you can start with your yarn project.


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