Many new parents are faced with the challenge of figuring out whether their baby’s heads are in the right shape or not. The main reason for this is the structure the head takes, especially after vaginal birth. When a child is in the womb, their skull does not fuse, making it easier for them to be born virginally. Sometimes the vaginal muscles can crush the child’s head and give it a peculiar shape. The first thing most parents think about is getting an infant support pillow While that might help, you need to go the extra mile to change the shape of your baby’s head. Here are some of the tips that might come in handy for you.


1. Monitor their sleeping position

Due to reflux and SIDS, having your baby lying on their back is not recommended, especially after a feed. You need to ensure that they are on their side at all times. Having them lying on one side, however, might lead to their head shape getting distorted. To deal with that, ensure you keep changing their sleeping position every so often. If they were lying on their right side, change them to their left after a night feed. It will go to great lengths to ensure that your child’s head gets shaped soon enough.


2. Change them when breastfeeding

If you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, you might realize that your child loves being held on one side. While that might seem comfortable for both of you, it might also get to a point where the child’s head gets a little squished. One way to ensure this does not happen is to keep changing their sides as they feed. It ensures that there is no pressure on any part of the head and the child‘s head keeps growing proportionally.


3. Have the baby on tummy time

As soon as your baby’s muscles start to get strong, get them on their tummy. Tummy time ensures that they are not resting so much on their back and head, and their head shape can begin to get better. It will also help them develop other motor skills fast enough. If they are not ready for tummy time, just ensure they do not lie down all day long.


4. Buy a firm mattress

There are various mattresses a have been advertised in the market as being the best mattress to shape your baby’s head. Be careful when you see those. Many of them are too soft and might lead to SIDS. The best mattress for your child is a firm mattress. Have a fitted sheet on it, and that is all you need. Getting a softer mattress can lead to your baby getting choked in the middle of the night, especially if they just started moving about in their sleep.


Last thoughts

The shape of your baby’s head should not be something you worry so much about. So many times, it will resolve itself as time goes by. The only thing you need to do is ensure that the baby is healthy. If the tips above do not help you, talk to your doctor. They will give you a lasting solution for you and the baby.


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